Only when you ride a ski as you wish, real fun will be born.




F.F.S:Front Float System

Combining Front Rocker Form, in which the contact point is a little closer to the center, with Front Lead Function (F. L. F.), Front Float System ski disperses the pressure on top from snow resistance when turning, allowing a stable edge grip and skiing without being disturbed by a condition of a snow or a slope.

F.L.F:Front Lead Function

F.L.F. creates a deflection of a ski during edging easily, allowing easier and quicker downhill turn with a larger angle. The more edging you do, the longer the length between two contact points, allowing a grip and stability. Also, it is easy to control the speed of skiing with a larger area of edging. (PAT.No.3837716)


STB delivers a skier’s power directly to a ski from the tip to the tail, reducing the vibration from the snow surface. It allows a stable smooth skiing.


PPF makes a greater ski functionality in terms of rigidity by placing a sheet made by aluminum alloy in the core. It allows higher grip, and flexibility on the top and the tail of a ski. It also permits stable skiing by preventing deflection of a ski. PPF could be placed over or under the core.


BMS permits more functional ski by putting a sheet or a stick made of aluminum in the core. It is less powerful in terms of deflection prevention, but it still keeps a grip and is more powerful in terms of flexibility. Also, since it is placed separately, it does not affect the torsion of a ski, allowing stability.


Sandwich Structure


This is the most basic type of ski structure. Both above and below the wood core are laminated by sheets such as special F.R.P. and AL7178 to build strengths.Since each component is laminated in this structure it minimizes the risk of an internal deformation when skis are warped. This enables you to transmit the pressure on skis directly onto the surface of snow.Also, skis with this structure will hold the pressure on it while you make a turn, which makes your skiing style more orthodox and moderate.

Twin Keel Structure


This structure is our original structure using both sandwich and cap structure. The center is made with cap structure, allowing higher torsion, and the shoulder and the tail are made with cap structure, allowing high flexibility. Also, “ABS side wall,” which absorbs impacts is used along the side of a ski. This structure is the mixture of three technologies that makes higher torsion, flexibility, and damping. (PAT. No. 2608528)

Shell Top Structure


This structure is the same structure as the sandwich structure except that both sides of a top sheet are slightly lowered. This is more sophisticated structure compared to sandwich structure in sense that it is more resistant to external shocks.

Cap Structure


This structure is made with our original design theory. The top and the sides are covered with sheets using sandwich structure, making a cap form. This makes lighter and more sophisticated skis.