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OGASAKA Manufacturing

We will not compromise on manufacturing to keep sticking to the highest quality.
To do that we also examine the materials.

About core material

The portion of the straddle (core) that affects the performance, strength and durability of the ski body.

Even if it says a core material in a bite, there are things of various materials, such as wood, plastic materials, foams such as urethane, and so on, it is so important that there are specialized suppliers who supply ski makers, It is a troublesome and time consuming part. At OGASAKA ski, we manufacture our important core material on our own factory, based on strict standards.

Materials are most suitable for skiing Wood, mainly using hardwoods. Wood is excellent in vibration characteristics, has strength, is optimum as a core material for skiing, “Stickiness” which is one of its greatest characteristics, while ensuring strength and durability which does not easily fold or bend, while supple It produces a flexible flex and makes it possible to produce an excellent ski with adjustability.

OGASAKA ski core material production starts from bolt logs for one half or 2 years after lumbering, making them Pile up and dry naturally After that, it goes through “artificial drying” → “break in” and finally goes into wood processing.

First of all, we manufacture core block (block). By grinding the block and paired adjoining boards into a single core material, the core material of the same nature is completed on the left and right. And here too it will dry more than 1 month indoors. We start making core material only after making moisture content in wood one digit level. I spend a long time not to cause the shape change such as expansion and contraction (warping, bending) of the core material in the middle of manufacturing.
Because it is paired with the core material made from the same wood (core block), there is no such thing as the difference in hardness on the left and right and the way of deflection are different.
Using core wood carefully selected in this way, core materials made without wasting time and effort are adopted for all models of Ogasaka ski.