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Keo’s KS-GZ(BL/WT)

Keo’s SERIES -Technical Line-

Keo’s KS-GZ(BL/WT)

KS-GZ is the recreational allround model featuring easy maneuverability and comfort ride. Newly adopted light woodcore enhanced the versatility to the next level.
Lightness, mild flex and outstanding stability assist skiers to brush up the technical skills efficiently and effortlessly.


KS-GZ/BL (BLUE) ¥72,000[without tax]
KS-GZ/BL (BLUE) with Binding : TYROLIA SLR 10 GW WT/BK/RD ※1 ¥88,000[without tax]
KS-GZ/WT (WHITE) ¥72,000[without tax]
KS-GZ/WT (WHITE) with Binding : TYROLIA SLR 10 GW WT/BK/RD ※1 ¥88,000[without tax]

※1 TYROLIA SLR 10 GW WT/BK/RD(made in Austria / weight〈½セット・Super Lite Rail Base Plate include〉:1,015g/Sole size adjustment length:255〜338mm/DIN range :3−10)

Size expansion

Length(cm) Radius(m) 3sizes
Top Center Tail
165 13.8 118 67.5 101
160 12.9
155 12.1
150 11.2
145 10.4


Construction Component Edge
Twin Keel
  • FFS
  • FLF
NF Wood core & F.R.P & Lightweight core Seamless

※For details such as structure please see Core Technology.

Sole surface

Raw material Finishing Structure
UHMW-PE Graphite Microstone & Ceramic disc finish MICRO

Keo’s SERIES -Technical Line-

The technical allround skis, Keo’s series are made for technical skiers over decades.
New models adopted the renowned Sheltop construction to enhance the allround performance in any terrain and snow condition.