Only when you ride a ski as you wish, real fun will be born.




AG-SR/BL is engineered with the main focus on maneuverability and acceleration on PIS*LAB surface.
Advanced turning performance and dynamic acceleration glide you to the next level.
Stainless material on ski base prevents base-burn and maintains prolonged gliding performance. Stainless edge provides easy maintenance after use.


AG-SR/BL (BLUE) ¥75,000[without tax]

Size expansion

Length(cm) Radius(m) 3sizes
Top Center Tail
165 13.4 112 65 101
160 12.5


Construction Component Edge
Shell top
  • FFS
  • FLF
NF Wood core F.R.P Seamless (stainless steel)

※For details such as construction please see Core Technology.

Sole surface

Raw material
Stainless steel sole


AG series are designed exclusively for artificial dry ski surface (Astro turf mat, Artificial dry ski surface, PIS*LAB) and artificial grass ski surface only.

Please DO NOT USE in non-designated surface such as natural snow, artificial snow, natural grass etc.…
Usage in non-designated surface will cause serious damage, fall, and injury.
Please see the instruction manual for detail.