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TRIUN SERIES -Athlete Line-


The top slalom model, SL offers advanced early edge grip to deliver explosive acceleration and outstanding stability.
SL is designed to conquer the tight and tricky technical courses with confidence.


SL ¥107,000[without tax]
SL with Plate : GR585N ¥127,000[without tax](plate : made in Japan / weight〈½set〉:about 570g)
SL with Plate : FL585 ¥123,000[without tax](plate : made in Japan / weight〈½set〉:about 514g)
SL with Plate : FM-600 ¥116,800[without tax] (plate : made in Japan / weight〈½set〉:about 443g)

Size expansion

Length(cm) Radius(m) 3sizes
Top Center Tail
165 11.8 120.0 65.0 104.0
160 11.0
155 10.2


Construction Component Edge
  • FFS
  • FLF
NF Wood core AL7178 & F.R.P & F.R.P(ZTC) & Rubber Sheet Seamless

※For details such as construction please see Core Technology.

Sole surface

Raw material Finishing Structure
UHMW-PE Graphite Microstone & Ceramic disc finish CROSS

TRIUN SERIES -Athlete Line-

TRIUN series are the genuine Alpine Race skis developed to win in alpine races. OGASAKA’s latest technologies, system, know-how and accumulated broad data have been integrated into TRIUN. Thanks to the enhanced thrust and high-speed stability, TRIUN leads your racing performance and result to the summit.