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TRIUN SERIES -Athlete Line-


This model is old model. For the latest model, please refer to “Product introduction – Alpine SKI” page.

FIS approved K1/K2 model R>17m
Advanced ski deflection delivers explosive acceleration and maneuverability. This nimble model ensures outstanding adaptability to the technical gate settings.
Plate + Bindings combo is also available.


G ¥88,000[without tax]
G with Plate : FL585 ¥104,000[without tax] (plate : made in Japan / weight〈½set〉:about 514g)
G with Plate : FM-600 ¥97,800[without tax] (plate : made in Japan / weight〈½set〉:about 443g)
G with Binding : TYROLIA RX12 GW BK/WT/RD+Power Pro Plate9 ¥114,000[without tax] (binding : made in Austria / weight 〈½set・Power Pro Plate9 include〉:1,230g/Sole size adjustment length:258~372mm/DIN range:3.5−12)

Size expansion

Length(cm) Radius(m) 3sizes
Top Center Tail
175 21.0 105.7 65.0 88.7
170 18.0 108.0 91.0


Construction Component Edge
Shell top
  • FFS
  • FLF
NF Wood core AL7178 & F.R.P & F.R.P(ZTC) Seamless

※For details such as construction please see Core Technology.

Sole surface

Raw material Finishing Structure
UHMW-PE Graphite Microstone & Ceramic disc finish CROSS


The TRIUN series is the genuine Alpine Race line engineered to win in alpine races.
OGASAKA’s latest technologies, system, know-how, and accumulated broad data are integrated into TRIUN.
A whole series of on-snow prototype tests were conducted to produce the race-genetic fast skis.
TRIUN leads your racing performance and the result to the summit.